Bookitlab project

Bookitlab is a cloud-based, web accessible core facility management software. Bookitlab has a number of modules. The UA will be implementing the instrument scheduling, instrument maintenance tracking, and asset management modules. Other modules that are available include a service request management (for labs that offer fee-for-service work, or products) which can be scaled up to a full LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and electronic lab notebooks.

Arizona Research Labs (UA Office of Research and Discovery), in collaboration with the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, will be rolling out the scheduling software in 2016 for many of their core facilities that require instrument scheduling.

The project was initially rolled out by Doug Cromey, MS. It has been handed off to Bethina Krogsgaard, from the ARL Business Office. Paul Wallace of USIF and Matt Kaplan of the FGC have been helpful beta-testers.

Bookitlab has many features.

  • The interface is very intuitive and user friendly.
  • In addition to being accessible on desktop computers via web browsers, Bookitlab has apps for both Android and iOS phones. These will allow users to schedule directly from their smart phones.
  • We will be implementing the use of UAnetID for login and the software will use FRS numbers for billing (access to KFS).


Licensing Agreement - CompletedFebruary 2015
Integration with UAnetID (Shibboleth) and pulling information about UA FRS accounts from KFS. Importing of lists of data about departments, colleges, etc. KFS integration is proving to be more complicated than anticipated, and this is taking longer than originally planned.June 2015
Beta testing in selected campus core facilities (USIF, and one other at AHSC)On-going (July 2015)
The vendor is currently working on a custom module (and number of other requested changes) to better accomodate the use of KFS accounts by users and the account owners (PIs).Expected completion in mid-August 2015
(delayed due totechnical difficulties, but to be completed by the end of January 2016)
Additional testing in the Functional Genomics Core and at the UA Cancer center.Fall 2015
To be used on the three new Zeiss instruments and more aggressively rolled out in other facilities.
In addition, a module for the tracking of instrument maintenance, as well as second module for tracking supplies or manager time related to scheduled events will be added.
January 2016