The HHMI Janelia Farms Advanced Imaging Center is available to support your research that requires the use of cutting edge light microscopy technologies?

This is an amazing offer, underwitten by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as well as the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. The call for proposals goes out twice a year. Below is additional information directly from the Advanced Imaging Center's webpage:

The Advanced Imaging Center makes imaging technologies developed at Janelia available to the scientific community before the instruments can be purchased commercially. Scientific investigators from nonprofit organizations anywhere in the world may apply to use the facility.

Janelia scientists have created several revolutionary imaging methods and instruments – microscopes that reveal biological processes in three-dimensional detail and the behavior of single molecules in high resolution. But it often takes five years or more for these prototypes to become commercially available. During that window of time, access to the instruments is typically limited to scientists who collaborate with the inventors. This not only limits the number of researchers who can take advantage of the technology, but it also limits the time Janelia microscopists can invest in developing new instruments.

Our solution was to create the AIC. In alignment with Janelia’s philosophy of encouraging bold science, the AIC welcomes proposals with high-risk/high-gain projects. In fact, the AIC serves as an ideal platform for researchers to test out their novel ideas with the emerging microscopy technologies, fully supported by Janelia’s in-house imaging experts and research infrastructure.

Instruments - The instruments at the AIC are unique microscope systems developed by Janelia and HHMI scientists to offer unique functionalities currently not available commercially.

Proposals - Scientists interested in doing research at the AIC are required to submit a brief application that will be evaluated through a two-tier peer review process. We plan to announce a Call-for-Proposals several times a year. The Janelia Visitor Program will cover the cost of lodging for the visiting scientist, experiments, technical support from our applications scientists, and microscope time for researchers whose proposals are accepted.