If you can’t find the instrument you are looking for, ask us!

As core facility managers we often encounter people who are looking for an instrument that will help them answer a specific research question. There are a number of possible outcomes:

  • We quickly connect the user with a nearby core facility instrument.
  • We analyze the request and possibly re-direct the user to a core facility instrument that is more appropriate to the research question.
  • When we are unsure, we consult with additional experts either on campus or on specialty email lists.
  • Sometimes we are aware of unique equipment (not core facility) located in other campus investigator’s labs. On occasion we have contacted the owner of the equipment and asked if they would be willing to collaborate with the person making the initial request. If the answer is yes, we will make the introduction.
  • It may be that the only available option is located at another institution. If you know that there is a campus need for a specific piece of equipment, would you be willing to write a shared instrumentation grant?

Look around the Microscopy Alliance website to see if the campus cores have what you think you need. If you can’t find it, send us an email using our contact form: http://microscopy.arizona.edu/contact