Atomic Force (AFM)

2017 AFM User Workshop

Announcing the Annual AFM User Workshop, sponsored by the W.M. Keck Center for Nano-Scale Imaging in the UA Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The AFM user workshop is open to all UA students and researchers who will be using Atomic Force microscopy for their research projects. The workshop will be held June 5th - 7th, 2017.  Attendance is limited to 18 and preference will be given to new AFM users.

Biological Applications of AFM Seminar (JPK Instruments)

BioScience AFM – Capturing Dynamics from Single Molecules to Living Cells
Stefan Kaemmer, PhD – JPK Instruments USA
The last three decades have established the atomic force microscope (AFM) as an indispensable tool for high-resolution structural analysis of specimens ranging from single molecules to complex biological systems. AFM currently offers premium spatial resolution of the analyzed samples while simultaneously being able to correlate topography and mechanics at near native/physiological imaging conditions.

AFM Workshop 2016

Announcing the Annual Keck Center AFM User Workshop

August 3rd – 5th

Lecture: 9-11 am Wednesday - Friday

Lab Group 1: 1pm – 5 pm Wednesday August 3rd

Lab Group 2: 1pm – 5 pm Thursday August 4th

SICM/AFM Workshop

Park Systems is sponsoring a SICM/AFM Half Day Workshop on at the UA.; This is free to attend and open to all UA researchers! Presentations will be given on their new AFM software as well as the SICM technique and applications. We are even lucky enough to have Dr. Park (the CEO and founder of Park Systems) here to give one of the talks! They will also be doing a demonstration of SICM on their NX10 AFM system.

Tuesday May 17th 9 am – noon
Keck Center, CSB Room 402
University of Arizona

BioAFM Workshop

Enabling New Research in Life Sciences Workshop - A Bruker AFM Technology Seminar and Demonstration featuring the BioScope Resolve

You are cordially invited to attend a joint workshop hosted by Bruker and the University of Arizona. This seminar and demonstration series will focus on biomechanics, high-resolution imaging and a new level of seamless AFM and inverted optical microscope integration.

Bring your own samples and reserve a slot for private hands-on demonstrations with our applications experts. THE FIRST 20 REGISTRANTS WILL RECEIVE A FREE BOX OF AFM SAMPLE PROBES.

JPK Instruments AFM Workshop/Demonstration

Announcing a special AFM demonstration sponsored by JPK Instruments that will be held June 16th and 17th

AFM Workshop and Asylum Nanomechanical Workshop

The Annual Keck Center AFM User Workshop June 1st-4th 9am - 5pm, including a Special Asylum Research Sponsored Workshop Friday June 5th 9 am - 5 pm.

2014 AFM Workshop

The annual AFM workshop (August 4th-7th) is open to all UA students and researchers who will be using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) for their research projects. Attendance is limited to 18 and preference will be given to new AFM users. The 3 day AFM workshop will consist of lecture and lab sections geared to introduce new users to the technique. Topics covered will include contact mode, intermittent contact mode (tapping or AAC mode), liquid imaging, and data analysis.