Agilent Atomic Force Microscope (Chem & Biochem)

Agilent 5500 AFM
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The universal microscope base of the Agilent 5500 AFM permits easy integration with an environmental chamber or an inverted optical microscope for complimentary optical detection of samples. The unique sample plates can accept samples of a variety of sizes and dimensions.  The Agilent 5500 is equipped with a closed-loop scanner for high-precision control scanner position and able to image areas up to 100 μm x 100 μm. A second smaller piezoelectric scanner with a maximum imaging area of 10 μm x 10 μm is also available. This instrument is located on a vibration isolation table and in an aucoustic enclosure.

Imaging Modes:  Tapping Mode, Contact Mode, Force Spectroscopy, Phase Imaging, MAC Mode Imaging in Liquids, CAFM, Combined Optical and AFM Imaging.

Fees as of February 1st, 2015:  Internal $13/hour; Internal Assisted $43/hour; External Assisted $93/hour

*AFM probes are billed separately at cost.

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