2016 Imaging Cores Summer Workshop: Scanning Electron Microscopy Imaging and Characterization


This Workshop Series supports training on the imaging/characterization tools available in Imaging Cores - Marley (formerly USIF) and Imaging Cores - Kuiper. The workshop will be held Tuesday August 16th - Wednesday August 17th 2016.

  • Day One includes a review of basic instrument principles, operations, and parameter adjustments of Scanning Electron Microscopes and DualBeam (SEM/FIB) systems. This will include standard resolution SEM, High Resolution SEM and DualBeam SEM/FIB.
  • Day Two covers spectroscopy elements including elemental analysis with the EDS X-Ray attachment, Raman micro sampling microscopy, and Electron Back Scatter Detectors (EBSD).

Demos will be scheduled for standard resolution SEM (Hitachi S-3400 Variable Pressure SEM), High Resolution SEM (Hitachi S-4800 Field Emission SEM), DualBeam (FEI Helios FIB/SEM), and Raman (Renishaw InVia optical and SEM attachment). Attendance is limited and preference will be given to new users.

This workshop is provided free of charge, and the first deadline for demos is Monday August 8th at 5pm.

Location is TBD depending on attendance with an expectation of lectures in the morning and demos in the afternoon. Details, location, and notes will be sent via email.

To apply to attend the workshop, please go to: https://goo.gl/forms/1vQbi5XCJ2IZN2d02


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