2020 Nikon Small World image contest

Nikon Small World is the leading photographic competition for imagery taken through the light microscope. This competition started in 1975 and has since run without interruption, making it one of the longest running and largest photographic competitions of any kind. It boasts a gallery of thousands of images which can be viewed at www.nikonsmallworld.com

Why should you enter?

  • The prizes. 2020 grand prize winners in the Nikon Small World AND the Nikon Small World in Motion competitions will each win $3,000 in cash plus a trip for two to Japan to tour select Nikon factories and other highlights of Japan. Prizes are also awarded for images that place in both competitions (Top 20, Honorable Mentions and Image of Distinctions for Small World and Top 5 and Honorable Mentions for Small World in Motion).
  • The exposure. The winning images and the names of the artists are viewed by hundreds of millions of eyes each year, with the contest being featured on many major media outlets including ABC News, CBS News, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Google, Yahoo, CBS Sunday Morning, Popular Science, and USA Today just to name a few. The winning Small World image also graces the cover of an edition of Nature Methods. This is an excellent way to become part of one of the world’s largest gallery of scientific imaging where art and science intersect, but also where the public and scientific imaging meet.

The deadline for entries is Thursday, April 30, 2020. You can read the rules and view the prize details at the Nikon Small World upload portal.