Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop (UC Berkeley)

The annual Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop (AIM) 2021 will be a virtual meeting this year. Registration for AIM is now open and FREE. The schedule is still coming together, but you can get a preview on the registration page below. There will be scientific sessions, breakout discussions, and vendor showcases, as well as opportunities for networking and other interactions. For those of you familiar with AIM, this will be a slightly scaled-down version of the live event, but we think it will retain the flavor, congeniality and excitement you have come to expect from AIM.

What:  18th Annual Advanced Imaging Methods Workshop
Dates:  February 10 - 12, 2021
Times:   8am - 1pm PST
Free registration:
Hosted by:  CRL Molecular Imaging Center (MIC), University of California at Berkely


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