RII Core Facilities Pilot Program (Oct 6, 2021 deadline)

The Core Facilities Pilot Program (CFPP) is designed to support three key types of activity within the RII-managed core facilities. Each CFPP proposal will be evaluated on scientific merit and feasibility, and should focus on one or more of the following activity types:
  1. New methods or techniques that would extend the standard operating procedures and capabilities of RII-managed core facilities and potentially impact multiple UA researchers.
  2. The acquisition of preliminary data needed for extramural proposals.
  3. Technical training of students conducting research under existing extramural funding.
PIs should request funding commensurate with the resources (in general, this only includes time at the facilities) necessary to complete the aims of their proposal and the rates for those resources within the relevant core facility(ies). Most awards will be capped at approximately $10,000, although well-justified projects may be awarded funding above this level. It is strongly advised that CFPP proposals and their budgets be developed with the assistance of the relevant core facility manager(s). Funding provided under the CFPP may only be spent within RII-managed core facilities. PIs are required to draft their budgets together with the assistance of the relevant core facility manager and have that core manager sign the budget approval form. Solicitation specific Information:
  • Limit on Proposals per PI: An individual may participate as PI on one Core Facilities Pilot Program (CFPP) proposal per cycle.
  • Limit on Awards per PI: An individual may not have more than two active CFPP awards at a given time.
  • PI Eligibility: Postdoctoral scholars are able to apply as PI on type 1 (new methods or techniques) and 3 (student training) proposals.
Applications for this cycle are due OCTOBER 6, 2021.
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