Digital Image Editing Ethics - Zeiss webinar

Digital images are scientific data, with many of the same strengths and weaknesses as other types of instrument-acquired information. Unfortunately, scientists rarely receive formal training in how to appropriately work with image data. This can lead to image processing mistakes or the use of unscientific folklore which has been handed down as knowledge. As problematic as these kinds of errors may be for science, it is when the line is crossed from “honest error” to fraud that is of major concern for the entire scientific community. Scientific misconduct (fraud) erodes the trust that we have in our colleagues and the published literature. One does not have to look far (Retraction Watch, PubPeer, Twitter, etc) to find examples of inappropriately manipulated scientific images. The guidelines presented in this webinar will go a long way in helping scientists avoid pitfalls, unexpected artifacts, and unintentional misrepresentation of their image data.

Presenter: Doug Cromey, MS - University of Arizona College of Medicine

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