ImageJ/FIJI Workshop (virtual, ASU) March 18, 2021

This workshop will introduce researchers to methods in analyzing microscope data using ImageJ/FIJI. Limitations of image manipulation and ethical responsibility will also be discussed.

  • Morning session [11:00AM-12:00PM] – This session focuses on the effective use of ImageJ, a set of open-source tools for analysis of microscope images. To participate in real time, please download FIJI from: before the seminar.
  • Lunch Break [12:00PM-1:00PM] – The first 40 people to register will receive a $15 voucher through GrubHub to purchase lunch.
  • Afternoon Session [1:00PM-2:00PM] – The advanced session for experienced users will cover methods to take your ImageJ/FIJI analysis to the next level, with an overview of macro writing, batch processing, and automated analysis routines. AMT Imaging will present a demonstration of their hands-free, remotely operated hardware-to-analysis pipelines which take further advantage of advanced functions of ImageJ/FIJI.

Free: This ASU TEC Talk event is free and open to the public.
Registration is required:
Date: March 18, 2021