Light Sheet Microscopy (lunch seminar)

Nature Methods journal named Light Sheet Microscopy the 2014 method of the year. Light sheet microscopy illuminates the sample in a single plane while collecting the images in the perpendicular plane using low light level, high speed cameras. The sample can be optically sectioned and imaged in 3D by moving the sample through the various planes. This method is a faster method of collecting optical sections while reducing the amount of photo-damage to the sample. This allows for imaging developing embryos, imaging high speed calcium signals or rapidly collecting large data sets.

Lunch: will be provided by Leica Microsystems
Date & Time: Thursday, 9/15/2016, Noon-1pm
Location: Gould Simpson Building, room 601
Presenter: Kris Fertig, Leica Microsystems, 412-260-7383 |
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