National image analysis survey - help direct the development of open source software tools

You may have recently seen the Center for Open Bioimage Analysis (COBA, name and logo around various parts of the forum (; we are a new center from Kevin Eliceiri and Anne Carpenter's labs whose mission is to serve the biology community’s growing need for sophisticated software for light microscopy image analysis. We will do this in two main ways
In collaboration with biological partner labs we will create new tools and improve existing tools to make new analyses possible and existing analyses easier We will do outreach to the biology community to help spread knowledge on how to use bioimage analysis tools and approaches In order to do both of these well, we need the most complete picture possible of what kinds of images our community is analyzing, what they think is working well, what they think is NOT working well, and what sorts of outreach and educational materials they prefer (in person, written, videos, etc).
To that end, we’ve written a brief 10-15 minute survey to ask you, the community, what you work on and how you’d like to communicate and collaborate with us! We would especially ask you share this with your local microscopy and image analysis communities - the more representative of a sample we get, the better we’ll serve the whole field.
Thank you so much, and if you want to learn more don’t hesitate to reach out to the @COBATeam at on the forum or check out our website:
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