Imaging & scientific cameras - online workshop from Teledyne Photometrics

Teledyne Photometrics will be hosting a Remote Learning Workshop. This is a interactive workshop, covering basic principles of scientific imaging (sensitivity, resolution, quantum efficiency, sources of noise, etc.) and an introduction to camera technology (CCD, EMCCD, sCMOS, back-illuminated sensors, etc.) with a live camera demonstration of these principles (time permitting). This workshop will also allow researchers to understand which camera specifications are important for specific imaging applications. 

Date/time: Wednesday, July 8, 2020 from 11am-Noon (with additional time for questions until 12:30pm if needed)
Speaker: Marco Padilla-Rodriguez, PhD, Regional Sales Manager – West, Teledyne Photometrics
Webinar link: please email either Dr. Padilla-Rodriguez or Doug Cromey

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