Two-photon - UA Microscopy clinic (July 2014)

If you are a microscope user and have questions on how to best image your sample you might be interested in attending the first UA Microscopy Clinic. This first meeting will focus on the shared two photon intravital microscope facility in Keating. 
Informal meeting to learn and discuss imaging with the two photon microscope 
  • Collagen / Elastin Imaging
    • Collagen Gels
    • Vessels
    • Nerves
  • 3D Culture Imaging
    • Microvessels
    • Spheroids
  • Time Series and Mosaic Imaging
  • Image Viewer and Processing
  • Discuss your specific microscopy needs and problems.
Keating 103.
If you have specific research questions that you want help with:
Please bring images, an example article showing imaging you need for your research, instrument manual (or information about the instrument), a protocol, or email questions (preferably in advance) to
Contact person(s): 
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