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This facility specializes in high resolution microscopy.

Full-service biological Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM)
Users drop off fixed samples and we process them for TEM, section the blocks, and provide the user with digital images taken at various magnifications. We can provide 1 micron thick plastic sections suitable for light microscopy, in addition to the 90nm thin sections used for TEM. If users want to review their own samples, we will teach you how to use our TEM. The facility has a research-grade microwave for rapid infiltration of samples, which can also be used for antigen retrieval. Dr. Day has experience with immuno-EM and will provide protocols and ultrathin cryo sections on request.  Contact Tony Day, PhD.

Optical microscopy
Two train-to-use instruments are featured. The fully motorized, computer controlled Leica DMI6000 inverted microscope can be used to take brightfield, DIC (20x, 40x only), and polarized light images with a color camera, or these same imaging modes, as well as four channels of fluorescence, using a greyscale camera. The second instrument is a superresolution optical microscope, the Zeiss Elyra S.1. This structured illumination microscope (SIM) can be used to image fluorescence markers at twice the resolving power of confocal or deconvolution microscopes. Contact Doug Cromey, MS.

ItemInternal RateExternal RateUnits
Transmission Electron Microscope$32.00$41.00hour
Transmission Electron Microscope
(operator assisted use)
Sample preparation$10.00$10.00sample
Thick (1um) section$37.5$37.5block
Thin section$75.00$75.00block
EM related labor$42.00$47.00hour
Superresolution microscope$45.00TBDhour
Superresolution microscope
(training and/or operator assisted use)
Leica DMI6000 widefield microscope
(fluorescence, brightfield)


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