Tissue Acquisition and Cellular/Molecular Analysis Shared Resource (UACC)

COVID-19 updates: 

10-05-2020 (Phase III), The UACC TACMASR Leica SP5-II confocal microscope is open to previously trained users with an approved restarting research checklist. New user training is available for the Leica SP5-II as well as the recently installed (July 2020) Nikon spinning disk confocal. For those planning for future experiments, writing grants or publications, we are available to support you. Please remember to acknowledge the core in your publications. If you have questions, please reach out to Sara Parker.

(520) 626-7319
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Leon Levy Cancer Center [222]
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TACMASR offers expertise in histological and immunopathological techniques and expert pathological analysis of both human and research animal tissues and cells. TACMASR assists researchers with experimental design and scoring and interpretation of pathological findings. The following techniques are available:

  • Routine Histology
  • Immunostaining (IHC, ISH, IF)
  • Design and Construction of Tissue MicroArrays (TMAs)
  • Pathologic Analysis and Interpretation
  • Brightfield & Flourescence microscopy and Confocal