Environmental chamber

Useful for performing live cell imaging experiments.

User survey - high content screening automated confocal microscope

The UA Cancer Center is considering the purchase of an automated confocal microscope with an attached incubator that would allow for live samples (cells, organoids/spheroids) to be maintained (37℃, with appropriate CO2) and imaged at user-programmed intervals (time lapse).

To assess user interest in this high content screening instrument, would you be willing to complete a very short survey? Please go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DGWBY5Q

Ross Buchan

ORD announces the arrival of three new Zeiss optical microscopes

The Office for Research & Discovery (ORD) is pleased to announce the arrival two new state-of-the-art laser scanning confocal microscopes and a structured illumination system (SIM) in the ORD imaging facilities in January and Feb 2016.  These unique and enabling microscopes will be a huge advancement in the microscopy equipment available to researchers on campus!