Image analysis software

Biomedical Imaging Core (COM-PHX)

There is an enhanced version of ImageJ called FIJI?

ImageJ is a free and very capable image analysis software made available from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The software was written by Wayne Rasband, who retired from the NIH in 2010, but continues to support the software. ImageJ is written in Java, which allows it to run on Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes.

Introducing the New Imaris workstation now available in UITS

Do you need to a way to analyze your large 3D data sets obtained by confocal, deconvolution, electron microscopy, CT, or MRI?

Olympus IMT-2 (CMM)

Urs Utzinger

Urs Utzinger received his graduate training in mechanical engineering (M.S. 1989) and biomedical engineering (Ph.D. 1995) from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH), Zürich Switzerland. He was a post doctoral fellow and research associate at the Optical Spectroscopy Laboratory at The University of Texas, Austin. In 2001, he joined the faculty at the University of Arizona and is now an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Optical Sciences, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and the BIO5 Institute.

Tony Day

Former Director of Ultrastructural Services in Christchurch and Academic Advisor to the Electron Microscopy Unit Dunedin, University of Otago. Over 30 years experience in TEM, SEM, XRay and Neutron Diffraction. Main research interests in Nerve Cell Biology and the Neurobiology of Disease. Former Faculty at the Universities of Otago New Zealand and Dalhousie Canada, and Adjunct at Pima Community College and Grand Canyon University. Teaching specialities in Medical Histology, Developmental Neurobiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathophysiology and Microbiology.

Doug Cromey

Mr. Cromey has nearly 40 years of hands-on experience with clinical and research microscopy.  He is a Certified Electron Microscopy Technologist (MSA) and has attended a number of national level microscopy and image analysis workshops and courses.