Spinning-disc confocal

David Jones, Jr.

During David’s undergraduate career he studied mathematics with a focus in computer science focused on abstract concepts, optimization, and group and network theory with additional focuses in law, policy, and national security studies.

Gus Mouneimne

Dr. Mouneimne is the Director of the Microscopy Center of Excellence at the University of Arizona Cancer Center (which operates under the umbrella of TACMASR). He earned his PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, studying the migratory behavior of invading cancer cells in Dr. John Condeelis’ laboratory. During his postdoctoral training with Dr.

Nikon spinning disk confocal

Spinning Disk Confocal - user group meeting with representatives of 3i

Sam Connell, Senior Application Scientist with 3i, will be here to meet with users of the Keck Spinning Disk System.  This group meeting is open to anyone who is a current user or future user interested in working on that microscope.  Sam will be answering questions and discussing how to make your experiments better.  He will also be discussing how to use the system for FRET measurements.

Doug Cromey

Mr. Cromey has over 40 years of hands-on experience with clinical and research microscopy. He is a Certified Electron Microscopy Technologist (MSA) and has attended a number of national level microscopy and image analysis workshops and courses.