Jacob Favela

Facility Manager
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Gould-Simpson [77]
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Jacob Favela is a PhD candidate in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Arizona.  His doctoral research is focused on technology development of metallic nanostructured hole arrays and their implementation as cathode electrodes in thin-film organic solar cells using electroactive polymer materials. These “honeycomb” nanostructures exhibit tunable surface plasmon resonance modes based on the pattern geometry and long-range order, and have been used as electrochemical templates to fabricate high surface-area electrodes for Lithium-ion battery technology.  At the undergraduate level, he incorporated his scientific interests with those in art and cultural history by earning a bachelor's degree in both Chemistry and Art History.   He has worked as a research scientist on a variety of cultural materials at the Smithsonian Museum, Freer Sackler Gallery and National Archives (II).  As a result,  Jacob's research experience is largely interdisciplinary, combining analytical chemistry and materials science engineering that affords him a well-rounded understanding of how chemical and material properties at the nanoscopic scale define the performance properties at the macroscopic scale.