Summer and Fall 2019 - courses, workshops & meetings

A wide range of courses, workshops and meetings covering topics from light microscopy, super-resolution, correlative microscopy and electron microscopy. 

2019 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition

Announcing the opportunity to enter Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition and/or the Nikon Small World in Motion Video Competition for the 2019 year.
Entries for both Small World competitions can be uploaded directly to the MicroscopyU servers at the following URL:
The Nikon Small World gallery of winning images grace the covers, pages and websites of some of the world’s most respected publications including Nature, CNN, National Geographic, an

Welcome Dr. Juliane Weber

The UA Microscopy Alliance would like to welcome Juliane Weber, PhD to the campus. Dr. Weber is a new addition to the Materials Imaging and Characterization Facility (ARL Imaging Cores - Kuiper).

2019 Microscopy Today - image competition

The goal of this international competition is to identify and showcase scientific micrographs and movie clips. While there must be scientific content in the images, winning entries will also exhibit exceptional composition and other esthetic qualities.

RDI small grants for core facility users

The UA Office for Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) offers a small grants program for users of RDI core facilities. The proposals are reviewed quarterly, can be up to $10,000, must be spent in the RDI core facilities, and can be used for:

Call for proposals - Advanced Imaging Center at Janelia Farms - Feb 2019

Dear Colleagues,

We are now accepting proposals from scientists who would like to conduct experiments at the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) at Janelia Research Campus. The deadline to submit a proposal is 5:00 p.m. (US eastern time),February 28, 2019.

The AIC makes imaging technologies developed at Janelia available to the scientific community before the instruments can be purchased commercially. Scientific investigators from nonprofit organizations anywhere in the world may apply to use the facility.

Quantitative Microanalysis 2019 (Minneapolis, MN) MAS

The Microanalysis Society is pleased to announce registration for QMA 2019, Quantitative Microanalysis 2019, is now open.

Biological TEM workshop (University of Georgia - Athens, GA) Spring 2019

This intensive, three-day workshop provides a practical and basic theoretical introduction to the Transmission Electron Microscope and biological sample preparation techniques. Each day will consist of lecture, discussion and *hands-on* training led by GEM staff.
Who:  Anyone requiring training on TEM and biological sample preparation. The workshop will be limited to 6 participants based on the availability of equipment. 

Quantitative Imaging: From Acquisition to Analysis (Cold Spring Harbor, NY) 2019

Combining careful image acquisition with rigorous computational analysis allows extraction of quantitative data from light microscopy images that is far more informative and reproducible than what can be seen by eye. This course will focus on advanced quantitative fluorescence microscopy techniques used for imaging a range of biological specimens, from tissues to cells to single molecules. The course is designed for quantitative cell and molecular biologists, biophysicists and bioengineers.