2022 Imaging Analysis Survey (international)

The Center for Open Bioimage Analysis, Bioimaging North America, and the Royal Microscopical Society have released a new and improved 2022 Imaging Analysis Survey https://t.co/CG1fZBSxQ9. We especially want your input if you are very new to image analysis!
Why do I say especially? Because the hardest folks to reach are the ones who don’t know where to start or don’t even know what’s out there, so those are the ones who probably need help the most but currently have the least ability to access it, and we want to fix that. So please take the survey whether you’re still learning image analysis or whether it’s your full time day job, and just as critically please also help us share to your local networks where folks not dialed into image analysis may hang out.
  • How long is it? 25 questions, mostly multiple choice.
  • Who should take it? Anyone who has analyzed a microscopy image.
  • What kinds of questions/what are you trying to learn? See the writeup of our last survey at https://forum.image.sc/t/community-s-input-2020-bioimage-analysis-survey... learn more.
  • Wait, you already did this? We did, and have changed how we do some things based on it, such as pivoting our beginner materials away from written towards video based on survey feedback). But as anyone who visits the image.sc forum regularly knows, this field changes constantly, so it helps us to know what folks want now vs 2 years ago. We also have amazing new partners this time around, which we hope will help us reach the widest possible audience.
  • I hate scrolling, what’s that link again? Here you go! https://t.co/CG1fZBSxQ9
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