Digital image capture (color, colorized - light microscope)

You are invited to participate in “Microscopy Month”

During the period between mid-August to mid-September all four of the major optical microscope vendors will be doing on-site demonstrations of very well equipped research-grade microscopes.
The managers of the RII Imaging Cores – Optical are evaluating microscopes, along with our faculty oversight committee, for a planned application to the

David Jones, Jr.

During David’s undergraduate career he studied mathematics with a focus in computer science focused on abstract concepts, optimization, and group and network theory with additional focuses in law, policy, and national security studies.

Gus Mouneimne

Dr. Mouneimne is the Director of the Microscopy Center of Excellence at the University of Arizona Cancer Center (which operates under the umbrella of TACMASR). He earned his PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, studying the migratory behavior of invading cancer cells in Dr. John Condeelis’ laboratory. During his postdoctoral training with Dr.

Binh Chau

Mr. Chau is a long-time UA employee and user of the facility who joined the Biological EM facility in February 2021. He is currently responsible for sample prep and sectioning of tissues for EM.

Nikon BioPipeline SLIDE

Nikon spinning disk confocal

Kurt Gustin

Dr. Gustin provides training on the Zeiss Axio Imager upright fluourescent microscope located in ABC1 on the COM-Phx campus. His laboratory has experience with fluorescent imaging, acquiring z-stacks, deconvolution and image processing and analysis.