Point-scanning confocal

Leica Stellaris confocal on-site demonstration (Nov 4-5 and 8-12, 2021)

Leica Microsystems will be giving an on-site demonstration of their newest confocal instrument, the Stellaris 8. They will also be showing off the Aivia AI Image Analysis Software.

Because of covid-19 concerns, we are asking that people register in advance for time-slots on the instrument to ensure that the room (Life Sciences North 429) does not become crowded (max of 5 people, counting the Leica personnel).

Leica Stellaris webinar (Oct 19, 2021)

In preparation for an on-site instrument demonstration in early November, Leica Microsystems will be presenting a webinar on their newest confocal instrument, the Stellaris 8. In addition, the webinar will introduce the Aivia AI Image Analysis Software.

Gus Mouneimne

Dr. Mouneimne is the Director of the Microscopy Center of Excellence at the University of Arizona Cancer Center (which operates under the umbrella of TACMASR). He earned his PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine, studying the migratory behavior of invading cancer cells in Dr. John Condeelis’ laboratory. During his postdoctoral training with Dr.

Presentation & on-site demonstration of the Leica Stellaris confocal

Leica Microsystems will be offering an on-site demonstration of their newest confocal, the Stellaris 5. The instument, in addition to XYZ and wavelength (spectral) resolution, offers TauSense which measures fluorescence lifetime resolution.

User survey - high content screening automated confocal microscope

The UA Cancer Center is considering the purchase of an automated confocal microscope with an attached incubator that would allow for live samples (cells, organoids/spheroids) to be maintained (37℃, with appropriate CO2) and imaged at user-programmed intervals (time lapse).

To assess user interest in this high content screening instrument, would you be willing to complete a very short survey? Please go to: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DGWBY5Q

Shenfeng Qiu

Dr. Shenfeng Qiu also trains new users for the Phoenix Biomedical Campus' Biomedical Imaging Core facility (confocal, and two photon microscope). His group has utilized confocal microscopy for multiple fluorophore acquisition, and also has performed in vivo imaging in mouse brain.

On-site demonstration - Caliber ID RS-G4 - large area scanning confocal microscope

Wednesday, July 26 (Noon-5pm), Thursday, July 27 (9am-5pm), and Friday, July 28 (9am-2pm) in Life Sciences North, room 429 (MAP - same room as Leica DMI6000).

"The new RS-G4 from Caliber I.D. is a large-format, resonant-scanning confocal microscope, offering multiple laser lines (405/488/561/640/785) for single, sequential or simultaneous image acquisition of fluorescent labels.