You can get assistance with repairing electronic instruments or building a device?

There are a number of interesting and (perhaps) unexpected core facilities on campus. If you need to repair a piece of equipment or perhaps build something very specific, check out:

  • Chemistry Instrumentation and Electronics Facility (ChIEF) - This core in Chemistry & Biochemistry is available to the entire campus. They can troubleshoot and repair a wide variety of electronic equipment, saving research groups from having to purchase expensive new products. They are also able to work on new electronic designs that can complement research groups' projects.
  • The RII Machining & Welding Center offers a variety of specialized services, provided by a staff with a combined total of over 150 years of machining experience. The facility is well equipped with a wide variety of machines. The MWC is also able to bid on large projects, even within the University. Some services offered by the machining facility include precision machining and grinding, prototype instrumentation, mechanical design, instrument repair, and machine shop safety classes. The fabrication facility also offers a wide variety of services.
  • The UA Library's CATalyst studios has a Maker Studio that features numerous fabrication tools, including laser cutters, 3D printers, sewing machines, vinyl cutters, cnc router and cnc mill, microcomputers, and more. Please note that this studio was closed due to COVID-19, check with the UA Library regarding it's most current status.