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Tips, tools, explanations, and information about things that are not quite microscopes, but might be of use to our users. Is there something you would like to see here? Contact us and let us know.

The UITS Research Computing group has licensed copies of the powerful 3D and 4D analysis and visualization software packages IMARIS and AMIRA. The software is available to campus researchers on a workstation computer located in the computer center.

As core facility managers we often encounter people who are looking for an instrument that will help them answer a specific research question. There are a number of possible outcomes:

The UA’s Office for Research, Discovery & Innovation (Senior VP for Research) has been working diligently in recent years to pull together in one place all the information that researchers need to be successful.

Bioluminescence/Fluorescence - A Spectral Instruments Imaging Lago X for bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging is available through the Cancer I

ImageJ is a free and very capable image analysis software made available from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The software was written by Wayne Rasband, who retired from the NIH in 2010, but continues to support the software.

This is an amazing offer, underwitten by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute as well as the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation. The call for proposals goes out twice a year.