There are a number of UA courses available to learn about microscopy?

CMM 465A/565A - Fundamentals of Light Microscopy and Electronic Imaging
A lecture/hands-on course that teaches the essential principles and applications of light microscopy and electronic imaging. By the end of the course you will be able to use and adjust a research microscope for various modes of light microscopy. This course is geared more towards biologists. Open to upper-division undergraduate and graduate students.

BME 416-001 - Biomedical Imaging 
Introduction to the mathematical, physical, engineering and biological principles important to a variety of biomedical imaging methods including optical imaging, x-ray imaging, CT, PET, SPECT and MRI. BME 416 - 001 is a senior-level engineering course. The graduate version of this class is BME 516 - 001 and includes a term paper and oral presentation requirement.

MSE 488/588 - Scanning Electron Microscopy
Last offered in the spring of 2015, the instructor has retired so we are unsure if this course will be offered again.

Workshops and Seminars - we routinely announce microscopy-related workshops and seminars on the Microscopy Alliance home page. There are a number of workshops that typically happen over the summer at the UA, such as: