Hitachi HF5000 - 200KeV aberration corrected TEM

Hitachi HF-5000
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Kuiper Space Sciences [92]
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High resolution analytical, 200 keV transmission electron microscope (TEM)

  • X-Ray spectroscopy for elemental analysis and electronic/chemical analysis
  • Equipped with a high brightness source that provides a low (0.3 eV) energy spread for electron energy-loss spectroscopy (EELS); a probe aberration corrector for high-resolution (78 pm) scanning TEM (STEM) imaging; an Oxford Instruments large solid angle (2.0 sr) energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer system for chemical mapping; and a Gatan GIF Quantum ER EELS spectrometer (with dual EELS capability) for atomic scale chemical spectroscopy and imaging.
  • Imaging detectors including: bright-field STEM, annular (both medium and high angle) dark-field, and secondary electron
  • Gatan OneView 4K x 4K CMOS camera for TEM image acquisition.