Zeiss LSM880 NLO upright multiphoton/confocal microscope

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Laser safety
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Trained users (inquire with the facility regarding training)
Marley Building [107]
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The Zeiss LSM 880 NLO upright multiphoton/confocal microscope includes a 34-channel detector for spectral information and additional non-descanned GAsP detectors. The system includes 7 visible spectrum laser lines (405, 458, 488, 514, 561, 633nm) in addition to the software tunable Spectra Physics Mai Tai HP DeepSee laser (690-1040 nm). The system includes additional software modules for controlled region-of-interest scanning, deconvolution, physiology experiments, performing FRAP & FCS and control for the motorized stage to allow stitching together images from multiple fields of view into one larger image (montage), as well as visiting multiple sites during a time lapse acquisition.

The instrument includes an environmental chamber suitable for live cell imaging at a variety of temperatures. The facility has wet lab space, cell culture incubators, and a biosafety hood in an adjacent room.