Imaging Cores - Marley (RII Cores)

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08-12-2021 – Imaging Core – Marley is open to previously trained users. New user training is available, but users can only be trained one at a time due to the small size of our microscope rooms. Microscope rooms are considered “instructional spaces”, so masks are required during training and/or any other staff supported activities. For those planning for future experiments, writing grants or publications, we are available to support you. Please remember to acknowledge the core in your publications. If you have questions, please reach out to Patty Jansma (

(520) 621-5097
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Marley Building [107]
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The Imaging Cores - Marley facility is a resource core dedicated to the acquisition of images for research, industrial and clinical applications. We offer multi-user access to high quality state-of-the-art technologies and cost effective analytical services. Featuring Confocal & Multiphoton microscopes, fluorescence stereo microscope and a research quality microwave.

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