Patty Jansma

Facility Manager
(520) 240-7569
Marley Building [107]
Room #: 

Patty Jansma has a BS degree from Penn State and MS degree from University of Georgia. She has  35+ years experience in life science research light and electron microscopy. She currently manages the 2 new Zeiss 880 laser scanning confocal microscopes located in the basement of Marley building. She also supports the ancillary equipment for microscopy sample preparation including a tissue culture facility. 
Patty trains faculty, staff and students in the proper use of the microscopes. She also helps facility researchers with sample preparation techniques and troubleshooting of sample preparation protocols. 
Patty is active in the Microscopy Society of America and Arizona Imaging and Microanalysis Society. She is interested in developing sample preparation methods for confocal microscopy as well as methods for correlative light and electron microscopy.