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Tips, tools, explanations, and information about things that are not quite microscopes, but might be of use to our users. Is there something you would like to see here? Contact us and let us know.

In 2015 the NIH said: The quality of the resources used to conduct research is critical to the ability to reproduce the results. NIH expects that key biological and/or chemical resources will be regularly authenticated to ensure their identity and validity for use in the proposed studies.

Flow Cytometry passes individual cells inside a thin stream of liquid through a light cell that exposes the cells to different laser lines. Fluorescence, as well as light scattering can be detected.

Sharing image files between multiple computers often means that somewhere in the handling process the image will be viewed or possibly manipulated using a monitor (CRT, LCD, Laptop screen) that is not adjusted correctly, has bad color settings, or is old/cheap equipment.

The BIO5 Media facility is a GLP facility that has over 150 different items in it's online catalog.

Spectroscopy can provide additional scientific information about a sample that may not be apparent from more routine imaging.

Be careful when reviewing your samples at high magnification on two different brands of light microscope. If you find that you need immersion oil to see fine details in your sample, please do not “mix” two different brands of immersion oil.

Paraffin wax tissue blocks can be sectioned again and again (as long as there is still tissue in the block), so it is important that they be stored properly.

Users should be aware that when they need to replace a freshly burned out microscope lamp bulb, the old bulb can still be very hot! It is always best to wait until the bulb has cooled before removing it.

Some scientific and analytical techniques are so specialized that there may not be a core facility at the University of Arizona that does what you need.

These US or North American professional societies are either about microscopy or have a strong microscopy component. There are many more societies if you look outside the North American region of the world.