Events policy

What kinds of items are appropriate to post as Events on this site?

To begin with, this is a microscopy site. Events should be microscopy oriented and of interest to a reasonably broad segment of the campus community.

Things we'd love to see as Events:

  • Workshops - particularly those done by microscopy facilities with the aim of educating users.
  • Class announcements - microscopy-oriented UA courses that might be of interest.
  • Presentations/seminars - again we are interested in those with a microscopy emphasis (new technique, novel instrument, educational, etc).
  • On-site equipment demonstrations - Occasionally vendors will go to the trouble of bringing a piece of equipment to campus. If users can bring samples, or watch the instrument being used, this sounds good to us.
  • Announcements - When you need to tell the campus that your facility just got a brand new instrument or a new Director/Manager.
  • Professional meetings in AZ - National , regional, or local societies meeting in the state of AZ that will have microscopy-oriented subject matter.
  • Open houses - to let people know about an opportunity to see your facility and meet the staff.

What about commercial or vendor announcements?

This is a delicate balance. The role of this site is to inform the campus. We want to avoid the appearance of selling a product.

Vendor training workshops, presentations that are educational (and not overly product specific), as well as on-site equipment demonstrations seem like appropriate items for Events. Multi-vendor product shows are nice, but they are not appropriate for this site. If possible, we would appreciate any "marketing speak" to be dialed down to a low level.

The steering committee reserves the right to review and possibly edit vendor-related announcements. We would also like to see a University of Arizona related sponsor of these types of Events, such as a microscopy facility, department, college, faculty member, etc.

Vendor related events may have following disclaimer added to the end (Note: This announcement was deemed of general interest to the UA community by the Microscopy Alliance steering committee. Its presence on this website does not constitute a specific endorsement of VENDOR NAME or its products.)