A volunteer and collaborative effort to bring information about shared microscopy facilities to the University of Arizona and the community.

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Many times new users have reached out to us with questions like the ones below. We do our best to reply promptly.

  • Often we can connect you directly to the right core, and occasionally we will use our campus connections and "ask around".
  • Sometimes we receive requests for very challenging microscopy techniques, when a simpler one might be a better choice. We may suggest a different method to get the results that you need.
  • See our list of Microscopy-related resources for Biomedical researchers at the University of Arizona
  • If we don't happen to have what you need at the University of Arizona, please take a look at the AZ Cores Network. Perhaps our colleagues at ASU or NAU have something that is a better fit. Within the limits of our expertise we will be happy to assist you in deciding which of these instruments might be a good fit. 

  • If we are aware of a non-core facility instrument we will inquire with the faculty owner or research group to see if they are willing to collaborate. Often the instrument owners are inclined to be helpful to selected people outside their lab, but sometimes the answer is no.
  • See our list of Microscopy-related resources for Biomedical researchers at the University of Arizona
  • If what you are looking for is not a microscope, have you checked the searchable Campus Cores List on the RII website? For broader questions about finding specific core facility equipment you can also send a question to:  ResearchServices@arizona.edu

  • Covid-19 has changed things. Most microscopes are in small rooms, so group tours are often difficult to do.
  • If you have a faculty recruit that would like to see a particular facility, I think it's safe to say that all of us would be happy to accommodate such a request.
  • Many of us have given presentations to classrooms of incoming graduate students and even undergrad classes.

  • Take a quick look at our About page to see more regarding our definition of a core facility. If your core fits, reach out to us and we will get the process started.