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Atomic Force Microscopy workshop - July 2023

The 2023 CBC Keck Center AFM workshop is open to all UA students and researchers who will be using Atomic Force microscopy for their research projects. Lab attendance is limited to 12 and preference will be given to new AFM users. Lecture attendance is not limited. The 3-day AFM workshop will consist of lecture and lab sections geared to introduce new users to the technique. Topics covered will include contact mode, intermittent contact mode (tapping or AAC mode), liquid imaging, and data analysis. This workshop is provided free of charge, and the deadline to apply for the course is Monday July 17th at 5pm.

Dates: July 19th – 21st Lecture 9 – 11:30 am Wednesday - Friday Lab 1 – 4pm or 2 – 5 pm on Wednesday OR Thursday as assigned
RSVP: https://forms.gle/tfYK5TQev1h2fu5n8
Workshop Leads: Dr. Brooke Massani, Scott Younger, Dr. Brian Zacher and Hannah Schmidt