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Free image analysis support day - Jan 18, 2024

Colleagues - I'd like to publicize an event that will be held on image.sc, funded by The Crick Partnership Fund and organized by members of the RMS data analysis in imaging section.

We announced the event here: https://forum.image.sc/t/image-sc-live-around-the-world/89596

The event will run from 18th January 1300 GMT, in Europe then the Americas, and finishing in Asia and Australia.

We have assembled dozens of image analysis professionals who will be available in their local time zone to answer questions on Gather.Town. We can also set you up with an analyst who can converse in your preferred language (Mandarin, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish) if English is not your first language.

If you have an image analysis problem please post on image.sc with a #daim and #imagesc-live tag. We will then coordinate a meeting with you and an expert on the 18th/19th January.

To post your question, go to https://forum.image.sc/ make an account or log in, then 'Create New Topic' and choose 'Image Analysis' as the category, and include the daim & imagesc-live tags for a live consultation.

Please feel free to publicize this amongst your local networks. We will post more details on image.sc leading up to the event.