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Microscopy Technology Dissemination to Underserved Communities - May 2024 (Ashburn, VA)

The Advanced Imaging Center will be organizing a unique conference at the HHMI at Janelia Farms, titled “Microscopy Technology Dissemination to Underserved Communities”. This meeting will be held at Janelia on May 5-8, 2024.


AIC Director Teng-Leong Chew, along with his co-organizers, Caron Jacobs (Africa Microscopy Initiative & University of Cape Town) and Leonel Malacrida (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay), have assembled an amazing list of speakers. The conference is now open for application, with a deadline of Nov 15, 2023.

As a continuation of the successes of the AIC international outreach initiatives in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, the conference program is designed specifically to explore the challenges, solutions, and opportunities in microscopy dissemination. It is not meant as a platform to discuss state-of-the-art imaging technologies, but rather aims to bring together developers of easy-to-disseminate hardware, software, and imaging probes, as well as representatives from global imaging organizations, microscopy initiatives, funders, industry partners, and open-access imaging centers. Joined by end-users of microscopy technologies from international and domestic under-served scientific communities, presentations and discussion will focus on how to integrate common goals into unified strategies to bring imaging technologies to a broader range of communities.

You are encouraged to apply (link above) to attend the conference if you have been working on developing technologies that can be easily disseminated to resource-constrained regions. The organizers would also love to hear from those who have made significant commitment to disseminating training and educational programs to these areas.