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Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy - May 2024 (Bar Harbor, MA)

Enrollment for Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy 2024 at the MDI Biological Laboratory in Maine is now open.

This is an intensive lab/lecture course, focusing on fluorescence microscopy in all its forms, including widefield, Confocal, Multiphoton, Decon, Super resolution TIRF, FRET, light sheet, 2D and 3D image processing (including time-based analysis), etc. Though we definitely have an emphasis on live cell methods.

We also encourage students to provide their own specimens such that the hands-on components of the course are as enriching as possible.  Enrollment is highly competitive, so if you think that you or your colleagues would benefit from the course please enroll as soon as possible.

We will be continuing the successful changes that were implemented over the last few years, namely:

  1.  Alumni are eligible to return,  we made major changes to the curriculum the year before the pandemic.  Also all aspects of imaging have continued to advance enormously, so we feel it is time to allow past students to take the course again.  So... alumni...you are welcome to return to the course.  Please point out that you are an alumnus in the application.
  2. The second big change which has been driven by a common student request is that we will continue to have rolling admissions.  Our first student group will be accepted in the middle of January, then March, and the final group in April. There are no particular quotas for each block; rather students should have good projects that suit the flavor and goals of the course.
  3. The course will run the same week as always (May 17th-24th this year), ending the Friday before Memorial Day.  After the course ends, you could spend the weekend in nearby Acadia National Park, or of course get home for any celebrations you have planned.
  4.  A major change in course content which has been incredibly successful is a rigorous and deep lecture and lab component specifically for students who want to really get expertise in Image J/Fiji

You can find out about the course or register here https://mdibl.org/course/quantitative-fluorescence-microscopy-2024/