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S10 & HEI grant information (June 2024 deadline)

ORIP's S10 Instrumentation Grant Programs support purchases of state-of-the-art commercially available instruments to enhance research of NIH-funded investigators. Instruments that are awarded are typically too expensive to be obtained by an individual investigator with a research project grant. Every instrument awarded by an S10 grant is to be used on a shared basis, which makes the programs cost-efficient and beneficial to thousands of investigators in hundreds of institutions nationwide.

To be eligible for an S10 award, an institution must identify three or more principal investigators with active NIH research awards who demonstrate a substantial need for the requested instrument. Matching funds are not required. Types of instruments supported by S10 funding include, but are not limited to, X-ray diffraction systems, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometers, DNA and protein sequencers, biosensors, electron and confocal microscopes, cell-analyzers, and biomedical imagers.

Active RFPs are:

There is no restriction on the number of applications an institution can submit to the SIG and/or High-End HEI Grant Programs. However, institutional internal coordination is required for concurrent SIG or HEI applications to verify each proposal is requesting different types of equipment.

External deadline: JUNE 3, 2024

(Announcement from the UArizona Research Development Services)