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On The Scope - A Masterclass in Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy (April 2024) at Ohio State

On The Scope - A Masterclass in Practical Scanning Electron Microscopy is a training program covering the fundamentals of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) operation. The program is provided by The Ohio State University Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis (CEMAS). The course is taught by expert faculty and researchers from Ohio State, as well as industry leaders. This training program is a valuable opportunity for industry professionals to gain the technical knowledge and skills needed to improve their organization's SEM data collection and analysis. Our expert-led lecture demos and hands-on training combine for a practical educational experience. We designed this masterclass to enhance participants' knowledge of SEM operation and understanding of advanced analytical techniques in an expedited timeframe.

Learn more here: https://professionals.engineering.osu.edu/on-the-scope

Online learning begins April 1, 2024; Participants then complete hands-on training with CEMAS instruments. On The Scope participants register for a Researcher Track OR a Manager Track

Component #1: (Both tracks) Course content and lectures will be available beginning April 1, 2024: A series of asynchronous lectures and demonstration sessions delivered 100% online with forums available for discussion. Instructor office hours will be the week of April 22nd.

Component #2:

  • Researcher Track - In-person labs on April 29-30, 2024, OR May 6-7, 2024: Participants choose one of two date ranges to attend for in-person group labs, receiving hands-on training with CEMAS staff.

  • Manager Track - Participants conduct a 4-hour, 1-on-1 workshop with CEMAS staff for a hands-on microscope session to image their own samples, either in-person or online. 

All participants can also schedule additional microscope time for after the course at a discounted rate to image their own samples.