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Please help - Important Survey for Optical Microscopy users (closes Oct 27)

The RII Imaging Cores – Optical core facility and the UACC Microscopy Shared Resource request your feedback on an important survey. Please assist us in making informed, strategic decisions that will help us to support your research in both the short and long term. The survey covers these topics:

  • Where core facility high-end research microscopes “should” be located and how much instrument redundancy is needed, particularly at the UAHS campus.
  • Tell us about your image analysis needs. We recognize the desire for more image analysis support, but we must be able to demonstrate the extent of the need to leadership.
  • What microscopy-related services/equipment/expertise are we missing at the University of Arizona?


Our apologies if you receive multiple versions of this email. We are trying to reach as broad an audience as possible. Feel free to share this email with colleagues.


RII Imaging Cores – Optical
Doug Cromey MS & Patty Jansma MS, Co- Managers;
Dr. Ryan Sprissler, Assoc. Director RII Core Facilities

UACC Microscopy Shared Resource
Dr. Marco Padilla-Rodriguez, Manager,
Dr. Gus Mouneimne, MSR Director