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Nikon multiphoton microscope

Nikon AX R Multiphoton Microscope

The Nikon “AX R MP” microscope is an upright multiphoton system ideal for intravital imaging and thick samples. This instrument is equipped with dual IR lasers (1 tunable and 1 fixed) for fast multichannel imaging, the same highspeed Resonant scanner in our AX R system, and a 22mm field of view, allowing more data to be collected in a single image. The AX R MP is optimized to image green (i.e. AF488), red (i.e. AF568), and far-red (i.e. AF647) fluorophores, with the ability to acquire second harmonics generation for label-free imaging. This system has a wide selection of objective lenses for multiphoton imaging, including two glycerin-immersion objectives (10x 0.5NA and 20x 1.0NA) and a water immersion 20x 1.0NA objective lens, and is configured with a large-clearance “gate-stand” to provide space for intravital imaging setups (800mm W X 400mm H X 730mm D). Due to the nature of this advanced technique, the AX R MP system is assisted-use only and the MSR provides a bench area for setup and ancillary equipment.

Featured Capabilities:

  • High-speed imaging with Resonant scanner
  • Tunable IR laser range: 680nm – 1300nm
  • Dual IF lasers (1 tunable and 1 fixed) for fast multichannel MP imaging
  • Second harmonics generation for label-free imaging
  • Upright microscope with a large clearance stand to accommodate intravital imaging stands