Nikon BioPipeline SLIDE

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Facility staff only
Leon Levy Cancer Center [222]
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TACMASR offers a microscope slide scanning service using the Nikon BioPipeline SLIDE instrument. This whole slide imaging (WSI) device has:

  • 2x/0.1, 4x/0.2, 10x/0.45, 20x/0.75, 40x/0.95 Nikon CFI Plan Apo Lambda dry objectives
  • A color camera (Nikon DS-FI3) for brightfield (transmitted light) imaging of stained microscope slides prepared with routine histology and immunohistochemical stains.
  • Optics for polarized light imaging of stains such as picrosirious red.
  • A 16bit greyscale (Hamamatsu ORCA Flash 4.0 v3) camera for multicolor fluorescence imaging. Emission fIlters for fluorescence dyes such as DAPI, CFP, GFP/FITC, YFP. CY3, mCherry, CY5, and CY7 (note - due to significant spectral overlap, it is highly unlikely that any more than 5 channels could be acquired/slide). To assist you, see:¬†
  • In addition to the standard 1x3 inch glass microscope slides, this scanner can also image the less common 2x3 inch glass microscope slides.
  • An off-line workstation for image analysis (Nikon software) and a 200TB MS Windows file server were part of this purchase.