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Functional Genomics Core

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Microscope:  Perkin-Elmer Operetta CLS (High Content Analysis System‎) is designed to capture images from multiwell plates of either fixed or live samples.  The instrument includes analysis software for performing functional assays.

The Functional Genomics Core’s mission is to provide researchers at the University of Arizona with the capacity to run high-throughput compound, RNAi, and deletion library based screens for the purpose of network analysis, drug and/or target discovery.  We will work with you to develop an assay, carryout a screen and/or analyze the data.  The equipment in the laboratory is also available for general (low-throughput) use.

Facility email: fgc@arizona.edu

Keating building (BIO5) room 124

RII Core Facilities policy regarding acknowledging cores and staff - https://live-core-facilities.pantheonsite.io/acknowledging-cores

University of Arizona - UA RII Imaging Cores - Optical core facility, RRID:SCR_012429  RRID is actually AZ Genetics Core

Core Staff
Matt Kaplan, PhD Manager, Functional Genomics Core (RII) 520-626-3794 mkaplan@arizona.edu
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This facility is administered by the Core Facilities department of the Office for Research, Innovation and Impact at the University of Arizona.