Imaging Cores - Electron (RII Cores)

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08-12-2021 - Imaging Cores - Electron continues to be open to previously trained users. New user training is available, but users can only be trained one at a time due to the small size of our microtomy/microscope rooms where it is not possible to adequately maintain social distance. Face masks are required at all times within the core lab per UA policy. For those planning for future experiments, writing grants or publications, we are available to support you. Please remember to acknowledge the core in your publications, we can supply appropriate verbiage. If you have questions, please reach out to Paula Tonino (core manager) or Binh Chau.

(520) 626-6009
Life Sciences North [221]
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We provide full-service biological Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) to researchers. Users drop off fixed samples and we process them for TEM, section the blocks, and provide the user with digital images taken at various magnifications. We can provide >1 micron thick plastic or frozen sections suitable for light microscopy, in addition to the 70nm thin sections used for TEM. We have two ultramicrotomes (Leica UC6 or Reichert E) which are available for experienced users (our RMC PTXL and UCT-cryo ultramicrotomes are not available for general use). If users want to review their own samples, we will teach you how to use our FEI T12 TEM. The facility has a research-grade (Pelco) microwave for rapid infiltration of samples, including immuno label. Dr. Tonino has experience with immuno-EM and EM-ISH.  Contact Paula Tonino, PhD.


NOTE: The optical microscopes located in Life Sciences North can now be found under the Imaging Cores - Optical facility.

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