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Pixels and Pipettes: Scientific Imaging and Analysis for Biomedical Research - Introduction to Image Analysis Tools and Methods (Jan 29)

The UACC Microscopy Shared Resource will be hosting seminar and workshops focusing on scientific imaging in biomedical research, strategies for image analysis, new imaging techniques and experimental applications, and more.

While this presentation will be focused on biomedical research applications of image analysis, the tools and methods covered are applicable to non-biomedical fields that require image analysis. The following topics will be discussed: Acquiring a Scientific Image, Common Image Analysis Tools, Analysis Platforms including ImageJ/Fiji, QuPath, and Nikon NIS Elements, and Developing an Image Analysis Workflow. This is an introduction presentation and prior experience with image analysis is not necessary. Researchers interested in scientific image analysis are welcome to join in person or remotely (contact Sammy Millan for Zoom information).

Presenter: Dr. Marco Padilla-Rodriguez, manager of the UACC Microscopy Shared Resource