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3i Spinning Disk Confocal

3i Spinning Disk Confocal

The Spinning Disk Confocal on an inverted microscope base with DIC, transmitted light, epi-Fluorescence, spinning disk confocal and Total Internal Reflection (TIRF) capabilities. The system is equipped with two fluorescence laser excitation sources at 488 nm and 561 nm. The detector is a Photometrics Evolve CCD detector with optional Dual View attachment. Definite Focus is available for maintaining focus during timelapse experiments. The microscope has a 3i Vector TIRF illumination module with an Andor DU 897 EMCCD for surface specific fluorescence imaging of samples with evanescent wave excitation, penetration depth of ~100 nm n the Z direction. The Andor CCD can be used for epi-fluorescence imaging with DAPI, GFP, and CY3 filter blocks. A 150 um piezoelectric Z stage and Eppendorf Transferman micromanipulator are mounted on the system. A Plan-Neofluar 20X/0.5 NA air, Plan-Neofluar 40X/1.3 NA oil, a Plan-Apochromat 63X/1.4 NA oil, and a Alpha Plan-Apochromat 100X/1.46NA oil TIRF objectives are available. An OKO Lab environmental enclosure is on the microscope for temperature, gas (CO2, O2 and air/N2), and humidity control during experiments.

Imaging Modes: DIC, Transmitted Light, Epi-Fluorescence, Confocal Fluorescence and FRET, TIRF

PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: All Confocal images and data were collected in the W.M. Keck Center for Nano-Scale Imaging in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Arizona.  This instrument purchase was partially supported by Arizona Technology and Research Initiative Fund (A.R.S.§15-1648).