A volunteer and collaborative effort to bring information about shared microscopy facilities to the University of Arizona and the community.

Translational Bioimaging Resource (TBIR)

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The Translational Bioimaging Resource (TBIR) is housed in the basement of the Biosciences Research Labs (BSRL) building. The 12,000 sq. ft. TBIR serves as a university-wide resource for pre-clinical biomedical imaging. The resource has the capability to image small biological constructs, small and large animals, and humans. For imaging small biological constructs and small animals the TBIR includes intra vital microscopy, MRI, ultrasound, CT, PET, SPECT, and bioluminescence. For imaging larger animals and humans the resource includes MRI and ultrasound. The resource includes personnel to help you with project development and to help you use the equipment.

Biosciences Research Labs (BSRL) , room 078

Please acknowledge our resource in your publications and grants.

Core Staff
Brenda Baggett Manager, Translational Bioimaging Resource (RII) 520-626-5052 baggett@arizona.edu
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This facility is administered by the Core Facilities department of the Office for Research, Innovation and Impact at the University of Arizona.