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Imaging Cores - Optical


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Resources page

The RII Imaging Cores - Optical core facility has instruments located in the Marley building on the main campus and in Life Sciences North on the UA Health Sciences campus. Please reach out to the Co-Managers, Patty Jansma, MS or Doug Cromey, MS for assistance.

Trained users can schedule their time using the Imaging Cores - Optical iLab page. See our iLab Tutorial on YouTube.

Learning & Training materials
We have a number of useful written (PDF) materials on the UA Microscopy Alliance website under the LEARN | PRINTABLE RESOURCES section. These include general microscopy, sample preparation, digital imaging (ethics, Photoshop tips), and instructions/tips/manuals that are specific to some of our instruments/software. In addition, we are currently working on adding training materials to our YouTube channel.

NOTE: Trained UA users should remember that the training materials for our instruments are available for review on the Imaging Cores - Optical's D2L page (coming soon, by invitation only).

Fluorescence Filter information (helps with selecting an appropriate fluorophore)
For our microscopes that use filter cubes, we have these online resources specific to each instrument to help you select appropriate fluorescent dyes. The spectral detectors on the Zeiss LSM880 confocal and multiphoton are much more difficult to model, we ask that you contact us in advance for assistance with selecting fluorescent dyes for these microscopes. As a more general resource, we like the Thermo-Fisher Spectra Viewer.

Zeiss online resources
Note: some of these resources may require you to share information about yourself to obtain access.

Leica online resources

  • To obtain a free copy of Leica LAS X (MS Windows only) please follow the instructions on the web page. You may need authorization from your computer administrator to install LAS X.
  • The Leica Science lab - knowledge portal - information, webinars and tutorials on a very wide range of Leica products.
  • Leica Microsystems tutorials on YouTube include some excellent short videos introducing the LAS X and Navigator software. Please note that we do not have all the LAS X modules on our system, so some features may not be available.